Our Mission: 'To empower indigenous Christians and churches by multiplying businesses in poor and unreached communities.'

We actively look for in-country entrepreneurs who are believers and who already own and run small and medium sized businesses. We look for ‘job makers’ rather than ‘job seekers’ and so do not spend time on microfinance.

We have trained over 200 entrepreneurs in twelve countries to become ‘B4T Businesses’.

Our focus is on finding and investing in the right people to produce lasting transformation that will continue and grow in its impact for the lifetime of the business and entrepreneur.

One of our guiding principles is to focus our time in businesses where the entrepreneur has already invested equity in their business. We look for a proven track record and a dedication of their own effort and assets.

The B4T model uses a trained in-country Field Developer to harness the potential of local entrepreneurs.

The Developer is an experienced businessperson who has a ‘nose’ for businesses that are likely to be successful. He or she is ready to commit to the long hard slog of working with Entrepreneurs to help their businesses grow, thrive, and become sustainable. 

We are always looking for more field developers to go into new countries so if you are interested in becoming a developer or want to know more about what is required click here to read more.

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